The best programmed modular cabinetry and custom-made wardrobes

Komandor Smart are perfectly programmed products in terms of technology, design and functionality. This is a package for those looking for branded closets cabinetry and wardrobes at attractive prices. Here you will find several hundred different combinations and solutions of ready-made interior modules, bodies and fronts, which you can combine in any form to obtain a piece of furniture tailored to your needs. All closets and wardrobes have been developed by technologists and designers and then programmed to ensure that their construction, quality and usability are at the highest level. Each piece of furniture can be made to measure, in a wide range of materials and colors, while maintaining its full functionality and high quality.

By choosing modular cabinetry or wardrobes from Komandor Smart, you benefit from proven solutions that will allow you to enjoy beautiful, useful and practical furniture in your everyday life for the hall, bedroom, living room, children’s room or dressing room.

In the Komandor Smart package, we have prepared modular wardrobes for you with sliding fronts, hinged fronts, and walk-in wardrobes.

Sliding door wardrobes

Hinged door cabinets

Modular custom-made wardrobes

Designing a modular wardrobe – see how easy it can be

You can compose the Komandor Smart modular wardrobe and wardrobe yourself. All you need to do is provide its dimensions and choose the color that suits you best, and then combine its body, interior modules and front. You can freely choose all these elements from a database of ready-made, modular solutions. We have prepared them with the greatest care in terms of technology, aesthetics of materials and functionality. A modular wardrobe or wardrobe composed in this way will be perfectly tailored to you and your expectations. Komandor Smart is the best-programmed product in which we have planned all the parameters and variants so that its final version has a stable structure, interesting design and maximum usability.

Why choose modular
Komandor Smart closets and wardrobes

Komandor Smart a brand of the Komandor group, which offers original, modular Komandor closets and wardrobes made to measure, using proven and ready-made interior modules, bodies and fronts. Properly designed modules guarantee functionality, and Komandor systems guarantee high-quality furniture.




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