Are you looking for a modular wardrobe or a custom-made wardrobe? You’re in the right place. See the arrangements, get inspired and choose the furniture for yourself. Match, arrange, change. Sounds like fun? And that’s how it should be. Designing your own wardrobe or closet is supposed to be enjoyable. And if you have ready-made modules for this, it is also fast and convenient.

Find your inspiration

Enter the world of modular sliding door wardrobes

Enter the world of modular hinged door wardrobes

Enter the world of modular, custom-made wardrobes

Create a comfortable space for your things.
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Komandor Smart a brand of the Komandor group, which offers original, modular Komandor closets and wardrobes made to measure, using proven and ready-made interior modules, bodies and fronts. Properly designed modules guarantee functionality, and Komandor systems guarantee high-quality furniture.




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