___ Modular hinged door wardrobes

Modular hinged door wardrobes are making a strong comeback in apartment spaces. It turns out that this is a solution not only for people who prefer traditional solutions, but also for those who value timeless design and comfort. If you belong to one of these groups or this way of opening the wardrobe simply suits you best, choose a modular, custom-made tilting wardrobe. The simple shape of the furniture, functionality, wide range of door colors and the ability to quickly view a specific part of the wardrobe are the advantages that most often determine its choice in the process of furnishing an apartment. A modular hinged door wardrobe is a perfect piece of furniture for a hall, bedroom, children’s room or dressing room, so you can easily find a place for it in your home.

___ The body of the Komandor Smart modular hinged door wardrobe

Single or double modular wardrobes with hinged doors can be combined to create a larger structure with a coherent appearance. The free-standing swing door wardrobe can be used anywhere in the interior as an independent piece of furniture. It can also be incorporated into any recess, even a narrow and shallow one, that cannot accommodate another piece of furniture. At Komandor Smart, we have provided various variants of this furniture and each of them has been carefully programmed so that it fits structurally and functionally into any interior.

___ Doors of the Komandor Smart modular hinged door wardrobe

Depending on the style of the room and the purpose of the wardrobe, swing doors can be uniform and made of laminated board in any color. Another option is to use frames with different shapes and colors of profiles in hinged doors. This solution allows you to compose more sophisticated modular hinged door wardrobes with a mirror, colored or transparent glass or a combination of these materials. Appropriate hinges and handles are extremely important in Komandor Smart swing door wardrobes. Be sure to pay attention to their selection at the wardrobe planning stage. The former influence the functionality and reliability of the furniture, the latter influence its aesthetics and usability. A swing door wardrobe will not work in narrow rooms. Its doors need space to open freely and fully. Remember this aspect when choosing a modular hinged wardrobe, check whether you will have good access to the cabinet. You don’t have to worry about the structure of the Komandor Smart modular wardrobe. We covered every detail and programmed them carefully into our program so that nothing surprises you.

___ The interior of the Komandor Smart modular hinged door wardrobe

Regardless of whether it is a modular hinged door wardrobe in a recess or free-standing, its interior is of great importance. Before you fill your furniture with a large amount of clothing and items, insure the right selection of accessories and elements. Komandor Smart has prepared dedicated interior modules for wardrobes with drawers, bars, shelves and multifunctional accessories. Each one has been technologically thought out and programmed so that when assembled it does not cause a collision with doors or other elements. Modules developed in this way will help you functionally and appropriately plan the interior of a tilting wardrobe so that it is best suited to the tasks to be performed by the wardrobe and the clothes it is supposed to hold.

___ Available systems in modular hinged door cabinets

The systems for swing doors used in Komandor Smart cabinets were designed and manufactured in our plant in Radom. We are sure of their reliable operation and the highest quality. In hinged door wardrobes, you can make swing doors with a visible or hidden aluminum frame or classic doors made of laminated board, without a frame. When choosing the shape of the frame, also choose its color to further emphasize the character and style of your wardrobe.

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