Meet Komandor Smart

The future of custom-made furniture

Komandor Smart is a well-programmed product that is efficient and fast in operation. It is an idea for a new business or to make an existing business more attractive or to be implemented at minimal cost, without creating time-consuming and difficult to manage production and logistics chains. All this based on the best programmed and managed product on our market

Komandor Smart – Everything you need
In a well-programmed product

Real-time design and pricing

Ready-made libraries of furniture solutions

Visualization for the client

Proven pre-drilled structures

Simple assembly – no mistakes!

Legal background

Real-time design and pricing

Our program has a built-in price list of all elements, constantly updated with each change in the project. This allows you to tailor the project to your budget.

Ready-made libraries of furniture solutions

Our software includes over 180 scalable and proven furniture solutions, constructed and designed by specialists with 30 years of experience

Visualization for the client

Generating visualizations for the client in real time with the simultaneous possibility of animating moving elements – drawers, swing doors and sliding fronts. Freedom to create views.

Proven pre-drilled structures

In the program, you can order ready-made, drilled furniture elements without spending time on time-consuming planning. Each piece of furniture has been programmed and has mounting holes or connectors.

Simple assembly - no mistakes!

Thanks to a well-programmed product, installation will take place without costly mistakes and design errors.

Legal background

Our program has also been prepared from a legal perspective. The program automatically generates offers, contracts and RODO friendly contracts from the project. Moreover, we provide contracts with vendors, subcontractors and assembly teams.

A well-programmed product brings benefits in the form of savings and efficiency.

Komandor Smart is your virtual:



Our product contains 30 years of technicians experiences, each body and interior has a tested and proven design, and the pre-drillings for easy installation are already designed



The online catalog includes a wide base of solutions. The customer chooses what he needs or the customer advisor helps him find the best solution.

Supply picker


The program is directly connected to the production plant. With one click, you send your order, and we can deliver and produce everything you design

Installation assistant


Every installation is the same. By standardizing installation, your team will never be surprised by our solutions.

Legal adviser


The program has templates for documents necessary in the sales process, such as: contracts, RODO declarations, warranty cards, regulations, terms of sale and installation instructions.

As a Komandor Smart partner you gain:

Download the materials, test the free trial and start
creating the future of custom-made furniture with us!

We are ready to go!

Komandor Smart a brand of the Komandor group, which offers original, modular Komandor closets and wardrobes made to measure, using proven and ready-made interior modules, bodies and fronts. Properly designed modules guarantee functionality, and Komandor systems guarantee high-quality furniture.




Komandor Smart
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