___ Modular wardrobes with Sliding Doors

The modular wardrobe with sliding doors, once used mainly as a piece of furniture for storing clothes, has now completely changed its purpose. In modern interiors, it is an indispensable piece of furniture for the bedroom, hall and children’s room. It also appears more and more often in the wardrobe space, complementing open shelves. Why is this piece of furniture so popular? Mainly due to its functionality and usability. In the Komandor Smart modular sliding wardrobe, we paid special attention to these features already at the product programming stage, so you can be sure that regardless of where your wardrobe is placed, it will always perfectly match the interior and your expectations.

___ The body of the Komandor Smart modular sliding wardrobe

Choosing a the correct Komandor Smart wardrobe body depends on the space and the architecture application of the interior. If you have an unused space in the room, choose a modular built-in wardrobe and make good use of the available space. In this case, you can use room elements such as walls, ceiling or floor as external elements of the wardrobe body. If you do not have such a recess, choose a free-standing modular sliding cabinet and place it on one of the walls or in the corner of the hall, bedroom or children’s room. This is possible because the free-standing wardrobe has its own full body. While working on the product, we incorporated many variants of its body: corner, straight, recessed, free-standing. We have technologically developed each one and programmed it thoroughly to make it stable and at the same time easy to modify. Choose the one you need for your wardrobe.

___ Doors of the Komandor Smart modular sliding door wardrobe

The doors of a modular sliding wardrobe can be freely composed by combining different materials and colors. Depending on the style of the furniture, you can use mirror, glass, laminated board or any combination of these materials in its doors. An additional element that influences the visual aspect of the sliding wardrobe are profiles, i.e. frames that enclose the filling. They can also have different shapes and colors. Thanks to this, this piece of furniture will fit into interiors in various styles. The undoubted advantage of sliding doors is the way they open, because the door slides parallel to the furniture body. They do not need space to open, which makes the modular wardrobe with sliding doors perfect for narrow interiors. You can also freely place other furniture nearby, such as a bed or a chest of drawers, which in turn is important when arranging small rooms.

___ The interior of the Komandor Smart modular sliding door cabinet

A good wardrobe is a functional wardrobe. In Komandor Smart modular sliding wardrobes, we offer ready-made modules, designed to fulfill various tasks and to store various things. You can choose modules with a lot of drawers or only with shelves. You can choose from modules with practical accessories or for hanging items. Combine, choose and create a sliding wardrobe for yourself. Komandor Smart interior modules are the best-programmed products that guarantee practical and functional furniture for years.

___ Available systems for modular sliding wardrobes

All sliding systems for Komandor Smart modular wardrobes were designed and manufactured in Poland, in our factory in Radom, so we are sure of their highest quality and reliability. In Komandor Smart sliding wardrobes, you can choose from profiles of various shapes and colors. You can choose the one that suits you best visually and the color matches the interior.

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Komandor Smart a brand of the Komandor group, which offers original, modular Komandor closets and wardrobes made to measure, using proven and ready-made interior modules, bodies and fronts. Properly designed modules guarantee functionality, and Komandor systems guarantee high-quality furniture.




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