More about the Komandor Smart product

We can freely configure the Komandor Smart product in terms of dimensions and appearance, and the installation method always remains the same.

In Komandor Smart, you can set dimensions of the furniture with an accuracy of 1 mm, both in terms of width, height and depth. A ready library of solutions allows you to create an infinite number of different projects. From wardrobes with sliding doors to hinged, corner and U-shaped wardrobes. Additionally, in addition to ready-made and proven body designs, Komandor Smart offers over 180 tested furniture interior solutions that are able to meet market expectations by over 90%. Thanks to a well-programmed product, each piece of furniture created is generated in a structurally correct manner, along with full design and legal documentation and assembly instructions. Komandor Smart is the standardization of furniture solutions, thanks to which the bodies and interiors are easy to install and do not require experienced installer teams, and the assembly methods always remains the same, regardless of the solutions used.

Komandor Smart a brand of the Komandor group, which offers original, modular Komandor closets and wardrobes made to measure, using proven and ready-made interior modules, bodies and fronts. Properly designed modules guarantee functionality, and Komandor systems guarantee high-quality furniture.




Komandor Smart
ul. Potkanowska 50
26-600 Radom

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